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STRATEGY PANAMA is an independent consulting firm involved in sale, merger, acquisition of commercial, industrial or financial companies and assists in the realization of business and investment projects in the Republic of Panama. It also participates in the development of relationships and synergies between potential partners so as to create, develop, and extend activities based in Panama or abroad.

The intention of the founding partners of STRATEGY PANAMA, who have been active in Panama since the second half of the years 2000, has been to set up a consulting and service platform offering an optimal professional and ethical business environment. STRATEGY PANAMA acts as facilitator or mediator and enables the parties to establish a relation based on a common business language. We voluntarily place ourselves at the center of the debate in order to uphold the necessary balance in the relation between the different parties.

Who are our clients ?

They are foreign or local investors with corporate or private profiles involved in commercial, financial, or industrial fields, passive or active shareholders, company managers, deal makers, creators of solutions or even inventors of new products or processes. The range of businesses that STRATEGY PANAMA deals with varies between USD5MM and USD50MM. We work on an ad hoc basis on smaller sized businesses according to certain acceptation criteria.

STRATEGY PANAMA always conducts a pre-analysis before engaging in an assignment or accepting an activity or project into its portfolio. Similarly, we establish the profile of the potential buyer/partner profile before going into any relation with the latter.

Essential elements in the relation between STRATEGY PANAMA, its clients and its partners :

  • Confidentiality : Required prior to the establishment of any relation. We rank this element at the highest level. STRATEGY PANAMA does not communicate any information except as part of a contractual relation. Applying this rule to the letter, we do not give out any customer references.  
  • Transparency : The stakeholders in a business project are de facto partners whose sole objective is the success of the latter. The risk and success factors must be clearly identified by the partners and known to them.
  • Responsibility : In a complex business environment where the rules are flexible and informality excessively present, we ask our clients and partners to assume their role as responsible professionals. We evaluate and control profiles.

Didier Vandevelde
General Manager


He holds several university degrees and has a sound experience in various fields: Public Management and Finances, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Software Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Communication. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish, he has a basic knowledge of Dutch.

He started his career within the media company SBPP S.A (editor of the Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan magazines) in Brussels as Computer Science Director where he quickly became a key contributor to the company in different fields: sales and marketing, communication, production.

He subsequently took up management positions within several prestigious companies and administrations, such as Gralex/InterBéton belonging to CBR & Holcim (cement, concrete, aggregates) and then within the Prime Minister Services– Federal Services of scientific, technical, and cultural affairs where he assumes the position of Policy Officer. He was active in many fields (intellectual property, first HD television broadcast project via internet in 1998, press campaign) and managed, at the technical level, reference projects like the organization of the European Ministerial Counsel of the European Space Agency (ESA) in 1999. His professional experience in Belgium ended within The Cotton Group, a leading company operating in the textile industry.

From 2003 to 2005, he worked on several business projects: the buyout of the largest tour operator in Madagascar through a venture with BBL Travel - Carlson WagonLit Belgium (groupe Accor), a Master Franchise in Spain with a renowned European real estate company and a distribution company in the food industry in Costa Rica.

He founded the LOWCOM group in the Republic of Panama early 2006. Less than 12 months later, the LOWCOM group has two companies, LOWCOM Business & Investment (Investment Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions) and LOWCOM Panama Bienes Raices (real estate). LOWCOM Group had a total of 30 plus employees and 50 plus freelances.

In October 2011, STRATEGY PANAMA is founded. The company is an independent consulting firm involved in mergers and acquisitions of commercial, industrial or financial companies and assists in the realization of business and investment projects in the Republic of Panama. Didier Vandevelde becomes its President and General Manager.

He wrote and was interviewed for several articles (The Canadian Business Journal, De Tijd, Money Magazine, Panamá Magazine, Business Without Borders, …).

His motto: We need to do better tomorrow.


Leonardo Enciso Mendez
Business Coordinator, Colombia


Mr.Enciso was born in Bogota, Colombia. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University Jorge Lozano and a second degree in Business Finance from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He then continued his studies in Financial Mathematics and Financial Management. Universal history is one of his passions.

His professional career began at Banco Sudameris Colombia (today GNB Sudameris) and then worked for Cupocrédito (a cooperative savings and loans) where he served as branch manager. He then joined the computer company IT Applications Consulting, developing technology solutions for the banking and financial sector.

Mr.Enciso moved to Panama in 2010 where he participated in the online banking project of the bank Banvivienda Panama. He eventually joined CB&P Consulting Inc., a company involved in the management of credit portfolios, as an Associate with the function of Finance Director.

He joined Strategy Panama in March 2012 and is in charge of the business coordination for the Colombian market.


Antonio Quintero
Business Coordinator, Panama


Mr. Quintero was born in Panama in 1965 and completes his primary and secondary education in a prestigious Jesuit school in Panama. He graduates with a degree in Science, Literature and Philosophy and decides to follow in his parents’ footsteps,  who had a successful career in public administration and private banking, enrolling in the University of Science and Technology (ULACIT). There, he obtains a degree in Banking and Finance finishing second in his class, with honors and the distinction "Summa Cum Laude Probatus".

He begins his professional career in Bladex (Latin American Export Bank) where he occupies various positions over the following 14 years. He participates in special technology projects such as the implementation of new banking programs and is also the Head of Credit for Central America and the Caribbean for two years.

He then works for twelve years in Popular Bank in the position of Assistant Vice President of Operations, overseeing the operational branch and international business.

In 2010, Mr. Quintero became an independent consultant in international business and investments. In late 2011, he accepts an assignment as Coordinator and Leader of Methods and Procedures in the implementation of the new banking program software that will be used by all State Panamanian banks.

In February 2012, Mr. Quintero decides to join Strategy Panama as a Senior Consultant for financial and banking matters and is in charge of the business coordination for Panama.


RTC Panama

RTC Panama
Real estate brokerage company

Director: Redna Tuñón Castillo, Panamanian, Architect, Real Estate Broker (CBR) Lic.nr.900.

RTC Panama is the real estate partner of Strategy Panama. They manage and market industrial or commercial properties on behalf of private and institutional owners.

RTC Panama services typically consist of a market analysis (comparative, positioning, local and/or foreign) and advice relating to the possible adaptation or renovation of the property.  It includes identification of financial and fiscal solutions, drafting of lease or sale contracts and management of all administrative and legal aspects of a sale including the payment of property taxes.


Established in 1953, the firm has a well established leadership and distinguished reputation for professionalism by consistently providing the highest quality legal advice, maintaining a tradition of excellence and ethical values, and maintaining a personalized relationship.

Our continuous and growing success is the result of a combination of superior quality lawyers, a professional staff and team work, along with the state- of- the-art technology. The firm manages complex and sophisticated cases which are attended by a select group of attorneys educated in Panama as well as prestigious law schools in the United States and Europe. Among the firm’s partners are some of the most distinguished personalities of the Republic of Panama’s legislative, political, judicial, diplomatic and private sector, who have also been ranked in international legal publications as Martindale Hubbell, Latin Lawyer and Who’s Who Legal.

In addition to its attorneys, ROSAS Y ROSAS employs a fully bilingual support staff specialized in legal, finance, accounting, management, marketing and information technology. This unique background enables our firm to provide competitive and effective legal services to clients that include company incorporation services, international tax-planning, leading maritime law practice, immigration, commercial, real estate, employment law and litigation services, among others.

Rosas y Rosas Attorneys at Law
Juan Carlos Rosas, Partner
Vía España 122 y Calle Elvira Mendez, Torre Delta, Piso 14, P.O. Box 0823-05658, Panama, Republic of Panama
Tel.: +507 209-3177, Fax: +507 209-3178
Web: http://www.rosaslaw.com


Galil Consultant Ltd is based on a group of professionals who specialize in Business Development, Merger & Acquisition in the industrial sector. Our vast networks of national & international partners assist us in our search for investors for structuring projects and closing deals. One of our key strengths is our independence and operational flexibility, which enables us to have short lines of communication and make decisions quickly. Above all, our objectives are to be professional in everything we do and to offer a personal service to our customers so that we may forge lasting relationships with them.

Galil Consultant consists of a team that is yet, at the same time, creative and efficient, providing a unique combination of skills that make the difference. We assist in determining the level of capital needed to significantly grow the business through Marketing & Sales expansion, Product development, Business Development or Acquisition, or Joint Venture with a synergic company.

Galil Consultant Ltd
Yair Doari, Managing Director
96 Yigal Alon Street, Tel-Aviv 67891, P.O. Box 36095, Israel
Tel.: +972-50-5219351
Web: http://www.galilconsultant.com


Artika B.I. is a globally-oriented Boutique Investment Bank, offering high-quality consulting services. Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve their financial and strategic objectives by providing them with innovative customized solutions. Our vast network of national and international contacts assists us in our search for investors for structuring projects and closing deals. Our team includes experts in the fields of finance, law, taxes, and select industries, enabling us to offer complete solutions that are tailor-made to our customers’ needs.

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Consulting: company and investment project appraisal, negotiation mediation, fairness opinions on third-party appraisals.
  2. Corporate Finance Consulting: Financial strategy development, investment and divestment strategies, spin-offs, determination of optimal capital structure, dividend policy definition, consulting in efficient business management from the standpoint of creating value (EVA), optimization of liquid asset management, optimization of working capital.
  3. Financing: project financing, capital raising, debt restructuring, investor services.
  4. Valuation of Intangible Assets: valuation of trademarks, brands, patents, copyrights and mining titles.

Artika Banca de Inversión
Simón Restrepo Barth, Manager
Calle 9 A Sur  # 37 - 69 Los Balsos, Medellín, Colombia
Tel.: +57 (4) 266 58 88
Web: http://www.artikabi.com


Lince Consulting is a consultancy company founded in 2007. It provides integrated consultancy and services in Executive Consulting (restructuring and turn around management), Corporate Finance (acquisition/M&A), and Internationalization (support for export to or entry into foreign countries).

Our clients are small and medium companies mainly located in Spain (Spanish mainland, Balearic and Canary Islands). Our head office is located in the heart of Barcelona, with an office and conference rooms in Madrid.  We also have partners in four of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

The Lince Consulting team consists of a group of professionals with experience in business management, all of them with degrees in Business Administration and Management or Engineering and hold MBA’s from prestigious schools such as ESADE or IESE. The team can develop projects in Spanish, English, French and German.

Lince Consulting also has excellent associated professionals (lawyers and accountants) who complement the management team of consultants.

Lince Corporate
Conrado García Rebollo, Managing Director
Oficina Rosselló, 88, Ent 3ª, 08029, Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: +34 93 363 70 95
Web: http://www.linceconsulting.es


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