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Strategy Panama, in addition to its role as representative or intermediary, also acts as a mediator and facilitator in the development of projects and business relationships. Mergers, associations and partnerships are likely the most delicate operations to achieve because they have to take into account not only the existing factual elements but also risks arising from cultural differences, differences in corporate culture and in the conduct of business. We are the interface which can translate those differences into elements understandable by the parties involved. We support our clients well beyond the mission entrusted to us.

We position ourselves at the center of the relationship between the various parties involved. We always keep a balance between our role as advisor and evaluator. We thoroughly analyze the businesses that seek our services as they have to meet certain standards before they can be adopted into our business portfolio. We do not establish relationships with clients until having established their profile.

Confidentiality is one of the essential elements of the relationship established with our clients. We advise them to understand the importance of confidentiality in a business environment commonly characterized as rather informal. In compliance with this Privacy Policy, Strategy Panama does not communicate any client references. All information provided by our clients and shared with our partners is covered by confidentiality contracts.

Strategy Panama can act on an ad hoc basis or through a comprehensive service mission.

Business acquisition - Merger and sale
Be it for a proposed business sale, acquisition or merger, we will together with our clients establish the foundation of our mission and draft its scope and limits. We will together define the profile of the targeted buyers or businesses and then proceed with the identification, evaluation, and selection of the entities that best meet the criterias initially agreed upon. We accompany our clients at each stage of the project and will be on their side during the negotiation and the transfer of the business.
Join Venture - Partnership
We offer our clients a range of services to help them make their business project come to fruition through an association or partnership (comprehensive, limited, or ad hoc). We will review the project and will establish together the desired profile of the future partner(s) to be identified as well as the objectives to be met. In addition to our role as a service provider, we will evaluate and suggest any option that may lead to a business opportunity. We respect the origins, values and interests of each party, as our sole objective is the reinforcement and enhancement of the success factors of a project.
Business Analysis - Due diligence
As part of a proposed acquisition, merger or sale of a business, we can establish and implement an analysis of the activity (due diligence), with or without partners, according to the rules and criteria defined with our clients. We can also perform a diagnosis at strategic, operational, structural, or organizational level and adapt our consulting team to the scope of the task. We operate with a down to earth approach and are often an integral part of the group responsible for the physical control of the activities linked to a proposed acquisition or sale of a company.
We can do a financial analysis of your project and/or help you write your business plan in order to present it to financial institutions or companies, banks, investment funds or individual investors. While Strategy Panama does not act as a financial partner, we actively seek sources to cover all or part of the capital requirements, whether it is through the involvement of investors with an active or passive shareholder profile.

Real Estate investigation - Property control   Technical and legal services
We have acquired expertise in the inspection of estates through our involvement in the development of, and/or investment into real estate projects. We can, in collaboration with our technical partners, put together a team in charge of inspecting real estate of interest, which may address the grounds, former or current occupants, the history, current, future, supposed, or real use, as well as present or future development potential. We can help identify, understand and assess the risks, suggest remedial actions and measures likely to help make an investment project a success.   An investment or business development project is always tied to a set of services, some of which cannot be directly provided by Strategy Panama. To better respond to the needs of our clients, we have, over the years, established relationships with a range of technical and legal service providers. We can, in many cases, offer our clients a comprehensive solution integrating different specializations such as (indicative list): architecture, engineering, brand registration, company incorporation, optimization of legal structures, immigration, accounting services, financial auditing, etc… We will select the best service providers and operate within the budget set with our clients.

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